What I Will Be Writing About

May 31, 2023
I had missed writing, and I am stoked to be back at it again - because writing makes me think better! And this time, using a tool of my delight.

Over the course of the existence of my writing pleasure, I will be writing about a few things that excite me, namely:


Of course, many of you expected this one - and I have loads to write about programming. From how to poetically compose neat code, to why we need to write code, to how to contribute to open source, or read open source code, to how to become a programmer, how to test code, how to break into this field, and tons more.

Expect a lot on how to use Vim for productive coding sessions as well!


I know a ton of my readers will be looking into how to join tech - mostly how to be a programmer, and I am ready to serve you! I enjoy what I do for work and I can't wait to be sharing more about software engineering as a career, as well as general tech jobs and careers in general.


Many of my readers will also know that I am so very much into building startups, and I have built and failed with many, but I still continue to build. My latest venture being Nayvy, I hope to share more about the whole process of building Nayvy, and share its milestones with you! I shall be writing about how to build a thing of your own often, including this very blog.

Personal Life

I mean, does it get any interesting without stories about my day to day life? ... That's a resounding no I've ever heard, thank you! So yeah, expect bits and pieces about my life.


Honestly, I just wanna write, and write, and write, may be even without caring much. So when you're hit by an article from yours truly that you didn't expect, hopefully you'll enjoy it and let me!

Some have already asked about a newsletter, and yes, that's coming! I also know that you will not all want to be reading about everything I write, so I will make sure the newsletter has topics that you can choose to hear from, as well as one if you want to hear all my rumblings no matter the topic.

Stay tuned on my Twitter to know when I will have a newsletter for you to opt in to.

Finally, thank you so much for being part of my writing journey. My first two articles received a warm welcome from you, and I hope to continue warming your heart with my written content.

I am always up for feedback, so if you have any feedback for me, or simply just want to propose topics you'd like me to write about, hit me up on https://twitter.com/kaka_ruto or anywhere else you can find me.

Until next time ✌️
Titow · 10 months

Awesome writing. And keep writing👌